We now offer teledentistry services. 

  • We can perform consultations and post-operative visits using this service

To allow for a teledentistry consultation to be performed patients will need to:

  • Fill out a health history information prior to the consultation
  • Sign a consent for treatment via teledentistry prior to the consultation
  • If there is no x-ray available, the patient may need to have a film taken prior to the consultation and this can be scheduled at the time of scheduling your consultation
  • You will need to provide some identification to the doctor at the time of the consultation to show you are the patient being treated.

When it is time for your teledentistry consultation you can reach our doctors at these sites:

  • When you arrive at this site please type your full name when letting the doctor know who is in the virtual waiting room. 

Tips to improve your teledentistry experience

  • Use strong Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable
  • Close unused programs or restart computer
  • Update to the latest browser

Doctors Available For Teledentistry

Dr. Politano – https://cros.doxy.me/drpolitano 

Dr. Weinstein – https://cros.doxy.me/drweinstein

Digital Forms


Medicare Form

Medicaid Form

Financial Policy Form

Teledentistry Consent Form